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Welcome to the Town of Limestone, Maine



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Thanks to extraordinary individuals and businesses who choose to live, work, and volunteer/contribute in our Town, Limestone is a great place to live and do business.   Limestone’s roots are in agriculture and farming, and this is still a major part of the Town’s economic makeup.  Limestone is long rumoured to grow the world's best potatoes, and the annual crop of tubers first put Aroostook County on the map.  However, Limestone offers more than one might think in other areas as well.   The Town offers an eclectic mix of businesses and institutions, as well as some great recreational facilities and activities throughout the year.  

Limestone is home for the academically advanced State charter/magnet school, the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM), which hosts some of the best and brightest students from all over the State, and even the country; the Maine Military Authority, with its noted vehicular repair and production facilities;  the multifaceted Loring Job Corps, working to train youths with immediately marketable, in-demand skills; and the Loring Commerce Centre,  which offers ample business park-type space and facilities for business and industry of all sizes and types.

If you’re looking for recreation, Limestone has something to offer as well.   There is no better way to dip your toes into Limestone's character than by experiencing a camping trip to Trafton Lake and Campground, one of only three municipally-operated campgrounds in Maine.  The Campground offers seasonal as well as short-term stays.  Contact the Town office for more details and/or to make reservations; also, see the Trafton/Recreation section on this Website for more details.  Limestone is also known in the county as offering one of the best 4th of July celebrations.  If you’re in the area around this time of year, don’t forget to check this out!  And for the winter enthusiasts, Limestone has an abundance of well-kept snowmobile trails that link to other trails throughout the county.

Indeed, Limestone maintains its historic values and quaint, small-town feel, while still embracing today's technology and conveniences.  While students at MSSM make robots out of old printer parts and educators teach the latest in STEM subjects, residents of all ages partake in the sorority's annual Strawberry Shortcake Sale in July, the local Rotary’s annual auction in the fall, and bundle up to brave the wintery chill while watching the annual Light Parade in November to kick off the Holiday Season.  Our streets are clean, our water is pure (in 2016 chosen the best tasting in the State!), and abundant volunteerism keeps community spirits high.

We welcome you to Limestone, and….welcome home.

Limestone is also open for business as well!  The Town is seeking and welcoming to those that want to set up reputable businesses in Town and is willing to do all it can to accommodate where possible.  Please feel free to contact the Town Manager with any questions or to discuss possible ventures. 


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