This Place Matters.

Picking the place you want to live, play, and grow your business is a very important decision. The Town of Limestone, population 2,036, is situated in some of the most beautiful county in the United States, just a few miles from the Canadian border. Up here in “the County,” it’s possible to launch your dreams. Housing is more affordable here, there is space for your business, whether you are looking for a downtown spot or you are considering a bigger venture that could be part of the Loring Development Authority, and our school is town-owned, complete with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and small teacher-student ratios. We have an excellent library, full municipal services such as police and fire protection, and multiple shopping locations. We have a very active Limestone Chamber of Commerce, the Limestone Development Foundation, and Rotary Club. When it’s time to play, we have the Limestone Snowhawks grooming the snowmobile trails in winter, or maybe you’d like to relax at Trafton Lake Campground, our town-owned lakefront camp ground where many of our town’s residents can be found in the warmer months.

Give us a Holler!

Interested in knowing more about Limestone? Call the Chamber of Commerce at 207-325-4025 or the Town Office at 207-325-4704.