The Limestone Water System

Our Wells
Wells Circumference Depth
1 18" 44'
2 10" 435'


Chlorine at 12.5%
Fluoride at 23%
Sea-Quest granular mixed with water at 14-lbs. to 50 gallons of water.

Nitrate is removed by ion exchange. This is a seven step process of filtering and backwashing.
Salt is used in the backwashing process to remove any nitrates built up in filters. The nitrate system runs best at 40 - 75 psi in the tanks.

The treatment plant is capable of running at 450 gpm. The stand tank holds 225,600 gallons. At 24' the tank is 27' high.
The clearwell holds 44,860 gallons. At 7.4' the tank is 31'-9" wide by 28'-2" long and is 10' deep.

The Limestone water system has seven miles of water mains.